Lower vibration and noise.

The cooling system of the engine is improved to reduce heat load.The series engines have passed through 720 hours accelerated load test and 2000 hours durabilitty test.Finished cylinder liner is dismountable and its maintenance is convenient.

The emission requirements o fnon-road diesel engines have been meet,and some products hanveachieved theU.S.EPA,EuropeE-mark,India CPCB and ohter emission standars.

Low specific fuel consumption,specific oil consumption and steady state speed regulation.The oil and fuel consumption ratio is less than0.2%in bench test,and which has reached the advanced level in the small engine industry.

Joint design is done by China YTO group corp.and worldwide famous R&D centers.The advanced diesel engine technologies at home and aboard are integrated.Based on CAD / UG 3D technologies and CAE analysis by using all new stiffness.